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Parent Playbook Video
In preparation for the upcoming 2019-2020 seasons, the Minnesota State High School League, the Minnesota High School Coaches Association, and the Minnesota Interscholastic Activities Administrators Association have prepared this video.
Parent Playbook Video
2019-20, 2020-21 Section Assignments
Competitive Section Assignments Image Below this message, you will find a link to the Competitive Section Assignments for 2019-20 & 2020-21 school years. The link will take you to a landing page where you will find the following:

Competitive Sections – There are 3 menus at the top that are universal to both the list and the map; 1. Activities, 2. Year, and 3. Schools. To view the section assignments for 2019-20 & 2020-21, make sure the year drop down menu in the middle says “2019-2020, 2020-2021”. You will need to click on the ‘+’ sign to expand any of the lists below to view all the schools within a section.
1. The Activities menu will allow you to see a list of all schools that are registered in that activity
2. The school menu will allow you to see where that school is listed in the activity you have selected.
3. If you leave the school the same and change activities to “Activities”. You will see a list of all the activities that the school is registered for and what section they are in.
4. You can drill down even more if you want to look at a section or class in an activity be using the controls just underneath the drop-down menus.

Section Map – The same menus and control listed above are also available on the map.
1. Select an activity first and make sure 2019-2020, 2020-2021 is selected in the year menu.
2. You can find a school by selecting it in the “School” Menu. It will show on the map with all the locations of the schools in that section. The school you selected shows larger than others.
3. Note that the school locations have a number on them. This identifies the classification not the section.
4. Section locations are hosted on the side of the maps. The number indicates how many are in each section and is located above the number of the section
5. You can drill down even more if you want to look at a certain section in a class by using the controls below the menus at the top.
6. One additional control on the map is the “Show Coop Teams”. By selecting this you will see additional schools that are in a coop but not the Host School. You will also notice gray arrows starting with the host school and pointing to each additional school in the coop.

Competitive Section Assignments
Board of Directors Meeting Synopsis
Board Synopsis Image Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019
Ruttger’s Bay Lake Conference Center, Deerwood

• The meeting was called to order by President Bonnie Spohn Schmaltz
• Reflection was provided by Board Member Russ Reetz.
• The meeting agenda was approved.
• The minutes of the June 3, 2019 meeting were approved.
Lobbyist Report
• League Lobbyist Roger Aronson shared on overview of the 2020 Legislative Session.
Legal Counsel Report
• Legal Counsel Kevin Beck reported that two cases are pending.
Executive Director’s Report
• Executive Director Erich Martens thanked the board for their time and dedication to the League and its member schools as well as the time for attending workshops and the Board Meeting.
• League staff provided reviews of spring state tournaments that were held following the June 3 board meeting.
• The Principals Advisory Committee is interested in participating in advising on the policy proposals, and also has interest in supporting the message going out to schools.
• Shared a review of the NFHS Summer Meeting and highlights from the federation’s 100-year anniversary celebration with recognition for Dave Stead and Dorothy McIntyre.
• Welcomed new board members and shared that a Governor Appointee is still to be determined for a four-year term beginning as soon as possible.
• Shared an update on the continuation of the development of streaming state tournament events.
• Area Meeting schedules and supporting documents are being prepared by League staff in anticipation of the coming year.
• New AD’s Workshop is Thursday, Aug. 8 at the League Office.
Executive Committee Report
• Approved the hiring of Laura Mackenthun as an Assistant Director with specific leadership of the League’s technology systems and programming.
• Approved the annual Charitable Organization Reports for MSHSL and the MSHSL Foundation.
• The Executive Committee was approved as presented.
Action Items
• 9A: A Resolution In Appreciation and Recognition for Service and Dedication to the MSHSL Board of Directors for Bill Adams, Kris Amundson, Craig Anderson, Eric Christenson, and Brian Hegseth was approved.
• 9B: The 2019-20 Committee Assignments for the Board of Directors were approved.
• 9C: Student Eligibility Requests. Motions were approved to send two eligibility requests to the Eligibility Committee for further review.
• 9D: The 2019-20 Budget. The proposed 2019-20 budget was approved.
• 9E: The contract for Carl Lipke, the League’s Music Consultant, was approved for 2019-2021.
• 9F: The contract for legal services to Kelly & Lemmons was approved for 2019-2021.
• 9G: The contract for lobbyist and special projects was approved for 2019-2021.
• 9H: The publications of the Official Handbook, Board Policy Manual and Guidelines, Region Secretaries Manual, and Officials Policy Manual were approved.
Discussion Items
• 10A: MSHSL Strategic Directions
--- The board has identified four areas of major focus:
o Defining clearly the concept of education-based activities and athletics and the values that are critical to our member schools.
o Developing a sustainable financial model to provide stability for the League.
o Creating a robust and effective technological presence and infrastructure
o Implementing effective policy and board governance practices
10B: Tennis Postseason Lineup Process --- Approved a universal postseason team tennis lineup submission and approval process. This was moved to an Action Item and approved, effective with the 2019-20 school year.
10C: Baseball Proposal --- The proposal is seeking up to three additional games that could be played on Fridays, Saturdays and holidays.
10D: Wrestling Scrimmage Policy --- The approved Board Policy requires additional clarity and definitions to prepare for implementation in 2019-2020 Wrestling season. It will be an Action Item at the October board meeting.
10E: Alignment of Competitive Section Placement and District Football Processes --- This proposal is seeking feedback on the aligning of creating districts and regular seasons in conjunction with the competitive section placement process. It will be an Action Item at the October board meeting.
10F: Music Rules and Policies --- League staff presented a working draft of updated rules, policies and guidelines. Adoption of the updated rules, policies and guidelines will be an Action Item at the October board meeting.
10G: Spring Activity Advisory Proposals - Discussion
--- Extend the number of pitches allowed per pitcher, at each required days of rest cutoff, by 10 pitches.
Speech --- Addition of a 14th category, Program Oral Interpretation (POI)
Speech --- Addition of a six-participant semifinal, reduce number of finalists from eight to six.
Track and Field --- Addition of a third classification.
Committee Reports
Eligibility Committee

• The minutes of the Eligibility Committee were approved as presented.
Audit and Finance Committee
• The Board approved the May financial statement.
• The Board approved the May and June 2019 financial statements.
• The Board approved a motion to accept the State Auditor’s Engagement Letter.
• The Board approved a motion to accept the insurance premiums for the 2019-20 school year.
• The Board approved an updated 457(b) Plan.
Marketing and Communications Committee
• League staff provided an update on publications for the 2019-20 school year.
• The committee supports League staff in the creation of a contractual agreement with its printing vendor.
• League staff provided an update on the building of a microsite that will be used for state tournament credentialing for media partners and member schools.
• League staff shared sponsorship updates and the committee discussed possible future sponsorship strategies.
• The League’s Hall of Fame Class of 2019 will be announced Monday, Aug. 12.
• The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is Sunday, Oct. 20 at the InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront Hotel. The event begins at 1 p.m.
Education and Leadership Committee
• An officials’ curriculum for Physical Education has been developed.
• The next Board of Directors meeting is Thursday, Oct. 3 at the League Office in Brooklyn Center.
2019-20 Media Credentials Registration
Media Credentials Registration Image Registration is now open for media organizations to request credentials to cover Minnesota State High School League events.

The League is introducing a microsite credentialing system that is a two-step process. This system is designed to be streamlined and user-friendly. It will be a system that allows the League to communicate with member schools and media organizations throughout the process to ensure accuracy in credential requests.


Even if you are a longtime League media partner, the League is asking that you register your organization. An organization must apply within the registration windows. For fall activities, the registration window is open from Sept. 9-Oct. 4. An organization must register with the League within that timeframe to receive credentials for fall events. No registrations for fall activities will be accepted after Oct. 4. If an organization registers within that window, they are set for the school year. There is no need to repeat the process during the winter and spring registration windows.

Here is the registration link:


Through this site, media organizations can also monitor the approval process.

Communications Coordinator Tim Leighton is the administrator for media organizations registering for credentials. He can be reached at tleighton@mshsl.org .


At the approximate opening of the postseason in each activity, a declaration window will open for organizations to communicate with the League their intentions of covering state tournament events. No declarations will be accepted after the deadline. Declarations will assist League staff in preparing credentials for each of the state tournament events. The approval process for media organizations can also be monitored here. It is the responsibility of Radio Partners to communicate their coverage intentions with Region Secretaries.

Administrative Assistant Yvonne Walsh will oversee this part of the process. She can be reached at ywalsh@mshsl.org .

Approved Media Lists

In the days prior to a state tournament event, the League will post an Approved Media List on each of the Activities Pages on the League’s website. This will ensure that media organizations and individual media members are properly credentialed for that specific state tournament event.

It is the League’s intent to update or rebuild technology systems and programs. Given that this is an update from the credentialing process used during the 2018-19 school year, we welcome your feedback.

To our Radio Partners, you will be invoiced for your 2019-20 registration fee.

The League thanks you for your coverage of the member schools, its participants and their communities.

Media Credentials Registration Link

From Nine to Eleven, History Is Made In Underwood
Posted by John Millea (jmillea@mshsl.org) - Updated 9/16/2019
UNDERWOOD – Chuck Ross, who has been coaching football in Underwood longer than any of the current players have been alive, was a happy man as he stood before a semi-circle of Rockets – the entire varsity roster of 28 boys -- under a full moon a little past 9 p.m. on Friday the 13th.

"That was the first 11-man game ever played on Underwood soil and you guys did exactly what you needed to," Ross said following a 44-8 victory over the Roseau Rams that gave the home team a 3-0 record.

There was no sorcery at work, no witchcraft, no lucky talismans. Just rock-ribbed football based on a tradition of small-town pride and success. And this was indeed a history-making night for the Rockets in their first home game with 11 players on the field. Underwood has been a nine-man football powerhouse, going to state seven times between 1992 and 2015 with Prep Bowl losses to Grand Meadow in 2013 and 2015.

“We've been Nine-Man forever,” Ross, who is in his 22nd season as head coach, had said in a phone conversation a couple days earlier. Long ago, football was a six-man game in Underwood before the nine-player version came into vogue, and beginning this season the school enrollment has bumped the Rockets into 11-man football and Class 1A for the first time.

The game with Roseau was not only historical in Underwood, but it may have completed a four-game series unlike any other in Minnesota history. Beginning with the final game last season (a 12-0 section final loss to Verndale), the Rockets' last four opponents have come from, in order, Nine-Man, Class 1A, Class 2A and Class 3A.

They opened this season with a 46-6 win at 1A Lake Park-Audubon, followed by a 44-18 Week 2 victory at 2A Frazee and Friday’s triumph over 3A Roseau. The remainder of the regular-season opponents will be three teams from Class 1A and two from Class 2A.

“When we started the season I guess we all really didn't know what to expect,” said senior running back Zane Swanson. “I mean, we've been playing nine-man our whole lives. But we all really like it and we transitioned really well into 11-man. I think everything's clicking.”

That was certainly the case Friday night on a field that had been successfully widened from the nine-man width of 40 yards to 53 yards for 11-man. This project involved yanking sawed-off wooden poles out of the Otter Tail County ground and moving them back; a hole has been drilled near the top of each pole to accommodate a rope line that serves as a security perimeter … as if any locals would ever rush the field in anger.

Much more common behavior is how Rockets’ scoring plays are celebrated: by the honking of horns from fans sitting in their vehicles on a small berm overlooking the visitors’ side of the field, a fantastic field that is enhanced by a sharp new scoreboard this year and play clocks behind each end zone.

“Every time you run into somebody, they say they’re proud of what the guys have done so far,” said Ross, who works with three varsity assistant coaches. “We’ve had a lot of support here for football in Underwood.”

Underwood led 16-0 after the first quarter vs. Roseau, with senior quarterback Nik Gardin running for touchdowns of 39 and five yards. He added another touchdown before halftime as the Rockets led 30-8. Tim DeVaney, Chase Janu and Slade Moore scored in the second half. Roseau’s touchdown came on an 11-yard run by junior Ben Olson, a wrestler who went to state last season.

Multisport athletes are the norm in Underwood, with Ross saying nearly all the football players either wrestle or play basketball in the winter. On the football field, the challenge at most small schools is finding enough players to build depth. And adding two more starting positions in the 11-player game is another hurdle. It’s not rare for nine or 10 Underwood players to start on both sides of the ball.

“I really don’t think there’s a huge difference, football still comes down to blocking and tackling,” Ross said. “Right now our biggest problem is finding two extra linemen that we usually don’t have.”

Roseau, which finished 4-6 last year and is 1-2 in 2019, also faces the challenge of having enough athletes; the current team has 37 players.

“To build the program, that's the big thing,” said Rams coach Matt Heddan. “We don't have a high turnout of kids and obviously we need more. We have a lot of young guys this year.”

An additional challenge for Roseau, a Canadian border town, is travel. To play at Underwood, for example, the Rams spent seven hours on a school bus. “And we pass a lot of schools we can compete with that are either a different class or even in our class,” Heddan said.

Ross said having enough athletes, and athletes who can play multiple positions, is crucial to success.

“The formula is you've got to have numerous kids learn a couple different positions,” he said. “That's a big part of it. We've got guys that can play the line and they can play running back. And then the other part is, you’ve got to try to get as many kids out as you can. All of our coaches are in the school and they're constantly saying, ‘Hey, you should be out for football.’ That's the biggest part.”

Underwood will face a stiff test this week when Ada-Borup comes to town. The Class 1A Cougars (2-1 this season) have been to the state playoffs six times in the last decade.

This is Week 4 and the midpoint of the regular season. If there were issues in moving to 11-man football, Underwood is putting them in the past.

“I'm really proud of the team, because if you saw the first two weeks of practice it was pretty ugly, and how far we've grown and overcame, adjusted to everything,” said senior Wyatt Thorson. “I'm very proud of that.”

Gardin said having 11 Rockets on the field now seems natural.

“There was so much hype surrounding it, like everybody was thinking we'd be probably struggling,” he said. “And I think it helps because we've all been playing together since third or fourth grade and we've all stuck together. So I think that helps out. It's still football. We're not overthinking it.”

--To see a photo gallery from the Roseau-Underwood game, go to the MSHSL Facebook page.

--Follow John on Twitter @MSHSLjohn, listen to "Preps Today with John Millea” wherever you get podcasts and hear him on Minnesota Public Radio.

More of John's Journal
Registering with ArbiterSports
Officials Registration  Image
Attention new and returning MSHSL Officials:
The League has used Officials Corner to administer registration payment, online meetings, exams and State Tournament administration for many years. The League is now transitioning to ArbiterSports to manage officials registration and eligibility.

Please click on the link below to register as an official:


2019-20 Registration Fees:
Returning Veteran Officials: $55 first sport; $16 each additional sport
Second-Year Officials: $30 first sport; $15 each additional sport
First-Year Officials: $15 first sport; $15 each additional sport
Late Fee (after July 15): $30
Other notes:
• State Tournament Cards can be purchased at the time of registration by clicking the publications link on the registration dashboard and they are $30.00. These cards provide admission to most sub-section, section and state tournament events. You must submit a photo to officials@mshsl.org. The cards will be mailed to you in late September.
• Registration for each sport closes on the date that the rules meeting and exam are due. Due dates will be listed on Arbiter at a later date.
• Rule books will be sent to all officials, except for gymnastics judges, for the 2019-2020 season
• All policies for officials are in the Manual for Athletic Officials and that will be available on Central Hub.
• Registration for new officials remains $15.00 per sport.
• New Reciprocity or Student Officials(under the age of 18) should call our office to get added to Arbiter.

Questions? Email: officials@mshsl.org

We are only opening the registration/payment function of ArbiterSports at this time. Over the course of the summer, we will be adding functions and links to each sport so that online meetings, exams and clinic registrations will be available via your Central Hub. When these functions or documents are added to the site, you will receive an email from Arbiter indicating that a link or document was added to the site and you should log into the site to view the change.

The League appreciates your service to high school students by serving as an official!

MSHSL Hall of Fame Class of 2019
Hall of Fame Image Former Eagan High School girls’ hockey standout Natalie Darwitz and St. Paul Academy soccer sensation Tony Sanneh, both of whom rose to international stardom, along with longtime League administrator Dave Stead, are among 11 individuals and the Grand Meadow girls basketball dynasty that will be inducted into the Minnesota State High School League’s Hall of Fame.

The others selected for induction are: Minneapolis North basketball standout Khalid El-Amin; the Grand Meadow basketball program, which from 1929-39 won 94 consecutive games; Dave Harris, a former Alexandria coach, educator, media representative and the longtime Region 8AA Secretary; Cliff Janke, a longtime Fairmont speech and debate coach and leader; Faith Johnson Patterson, who led Minneapolis North and DeLaSalle to three consecutive championships each in girls basketball; Bill Kronschnabel, a longtime St. Paul hockey official, rules clinician and state tournament administrator; Byron Olson, former Lakeville/Lakeville North activities administrator, wrestling official and state tournament manager; Gary Smith Minneapolis, who is the first athletic trainer to be inducted, and Bill Webb, an Edina High School teaching and director icon, who spent 37 years as a music educator and leader in the development of music education.

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is scheduled for Sunday, October 20 at 1 p.m. at the InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront Hotel. The induction ceremony is open to the public.

For event tickets, go to https://mshslhof.eventbrite.com

The League’s Hall of Fame, sponsored by Wells Fargo, started in 1991. The 2019 class is the 23rd group to be inducted. With this class, there now are 232 members in the hall.

Full Hall of Fame Release Hall of Fame Banquet Reservation Information
Purchase Digital Downloads of State Tournament Games
Purchase Digital Download Image Fans of the Minnesota State High School League now have the opportunity to purchase a digital download of State Tournament games.

Games broadcasted by 45TV, the League's television broadcast partner, and streamed by PrepSpotlight.tv are available to watch online for free.

If you'd like to purchase a copy as a gift or keepsake, please click on the link below.

Thank you for your support of the participants of the Minnesota State High School League, the member schools and their communities.

Purchase Digital Download

MSHSL Connect - Fall 2019

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We hope you enjoy this new method of providing League news and information.

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